Corona Virus Latest Updates | Precautions You Should Take

May 1, 2020
Corona Virus Latest Update

Corona Virus, the one virus who made the whole world stand together to fight with this fatal and communicable disease, whose first case was identified in Wuhan, China in last December, 2019. As of now (15th March, 2020) more than 1.5 Lakh cases (1,68,588) has been reported and more than 6000 people has been dead (6,069).

Started from China, this virus has crossed a total of 120 countries and getting viral minute per minute. More than one-third of the COVID – 19 cases are from outside the China. It is to believe that the virus has been originated due to eating any mammal or bird as these viruses are only found in mammals or birds. The whole world is standing on the heap of this virus, daily hundreds of cases are getting confirmed in various parts of the World. Although the mortality rate of this virus has been less than 1% but still the 1% counts is huge number. The COVID-19 is majorly fatal for the kids below 14 years or the aged person above 50 years.

Talking about India, cases are over 100, most are from Maharashtra. 2 death cases have been reported from India due to COVID-19. The second most populated country, India, as of now is not as affected as it could be, but if there would be no solution to this, then this COVID-19 can proved to be deadliest to Indians.

 Precautions you should take

Here we advise you to follow these instructions to stay away from COVID-19:

  • Wash your hands frequently and properly.
  • If not required, stay inside your house.
  • Maintain Distance of at least 1 metre from every sick person or anyone who is coughing or sneezing.
  • Avoid touching your nose, mouth and eyes.
  • If you’re feeling low, immediately reach to doctor for help.
  • And at last, be prepared but don’t be panic at all.  
  • Practice Pranayama for 15 minutes.

Pranayama is an Indian Yoga Pose where one tries to practice the breath control of himself/herself. Blocking one nostril and then breathing via the second nostril and then vice versa. Practising the Pranayama for some time results in numerous benefits.

  • Practice Method of Meditation for at least 15-30 minutes.

Practising Method of Meditation helps in maintaining stability in the body itself as it improves several body parts as well as mental health just by devoting some time consistently towards it.

  • Must go for a Jogging, but it shouldn’t be fast.

Most of us are already aware about the benefits and the ill effects of Jogging if there is any.

  • Have Pistachio and Cheese Daily.

Pistachio and Cheesy both are helpful for the living beings.

For the first time ever

Our Indian Government has been strict to such extent, and here are some steps took by our Government to save their citizens from this COVID-19.

  • Many precautions have been taken by the Government of all nations, like in India, all the necessary instructions are provided by ISPs. You’ll get an announcement most of the time you’re calling someone, at that time, user listens the complete instructions carefully and repeating the same instructions again and again kept reminding the person to take care of himself/herself and others.
  • Flights to Abroad and from Abroad are reduced to the possible extent, several checking zone are installed on Airports to check the passengers before their departure or arrival at any Airport.
  • Schools, Colleges and even Malls have been shut down till 31st March or any further notice in most of the states like Delhi, Punjab, Haryana etc.
  • Huge events like IPL (Indian Premiere League) have been postponed till further notice. International Matches have been cancelled to avoid gathering and hence reducing the chances of COVID-19.
  • Separate Zones have been constructed to treat the confirmed Corona Virus affected patients.

For the first time ever, that much precautions and steps are taken by Indian Government to secure their people from such a communicable virus. Almost all nations are trying to eliminate COVID-19 out from their nation. Most of the cases are getting successful also, it doesn’t mean it can’t be cure. In India too, Doctors have successfully treated some patients with a lot of hard work. At last, be prepared but don’t panic at all. That’s it from my side.

So concluding the article with a warm thanks to stay here and read this.

Contributed by: Mr. Prince Bansal

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