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India and china Border Tension Rises Again

May 28, 2020
India and china Border Tension

Troops from world’s most populated nations India and China are rolling their sleeves up, to deal with Border tension situation which again arises in this year. All this rage has appeared in Naku La pass in Sikkim located 19000 feet above sea level when a patrol party of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) from China was stopped by Indian soldiers.

Now it’s time to re log in your all social media accounts and to motivate our Border forces, but time we have to deal with “China”.

All this is due to raging tension at borders of India and china in Sikkim when Troops from both India and china sides had thrown stones and tried to shout each other down along an undefined and disputed border located thousands of feet above sea level.
However, the current border crisis between India and China is not new, we had already seen multiple stretches of the dispute between the 3,488 kms long Line of Actual Control (LAC).
India and china both spent more than $300 billion on their military every year but never fired a bullet from either side since 1975.

What is the Issue

The famous India China border is separated into three sectors — Western (Ladakh), Middle (Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand) and Eastern (Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh). The middle sector can be termed as Peaceful sector. Based on accusations made by India that China is illegally occupying Aksai Chin in Ladakh, while McMahon Line as the official border is not acceptable to China, because it was signed by the Tibetan representatives in the 1914 Simla Convention, and claims the entire Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh as its territory.

May 2020: The Sikkim Clashes

While in 2020 the world is at standstill and fighting with deadly Chinese originated virus, and Chinese troops are busy in pelting stones on Indian troops in Naku La Pass , Sikkim.

These recent tussles started near banks of the Pangong Tso Lake, which is two- thirds is under Chinese control. Sources state that on May 5, the presence of Indian troops in the disputed area is objected by Chinese Troops, which led to fist- fights and stone pelting, leaving a few injured on both sides.

September 2019

Another incident happened in 2019 September when Both Indo – Chinese Troops are in front of each other at the northern banks of Pangong Tso Lake. This happened just one-month ahead to the India visit of Chines President Xi Jinping in 2019.

June 2017: The Doklam

Who forgets this 73 days standoff between India China troops against the construction of an illegal road in Doklam Plateau. India was not directly present in this tussle, but India was supporting Bhutan claim on the area and had sent 270 troops in the high tensions area. Finally, Construction was stopped and troops were called off. But India had won there a strategic battle in Doklam which is also called as “Chicken’s Neck”.

Is this Chinese Propaganda to Clean it’s Corona Pandemic Originator Image

Coronavirus is the name that even toddlers scared off. This scary virus locked the world and is challenging every aspect of human life. Wuhan was the first city of china from where this virus is originated and quickly take the world into his custody.
USA , EU nations and Australia were already started making claims that “China is hiding the true story about the virus”. Such Claims can Put Dragon into serious trouble where all the Trade deals with these countries could be cancelled. So creating tension at Border with India will definitely help them reunite their voice in Global Front.

Mediation offer by Donald Trump

When the situation is international, especially related to the Border then how we can forget Mr Trump, Who always ready to Jump in between. This time also in the Border Raging even between India China, Mr Trump has offered his mediation between India and China to relax the tension.

As per Mr. Trump “We have informed both India and China that the United States is ready, willing and able to mediate or arbitrate their now raging border dispute. Thank you!” Trump tweeted.
Mediation offer by Donald Trump

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Free Eye Check-up Camp @ DSS

December 13, 2019

Lack of awareness and shortages of doctors, poverty and high cost of medicines have brought health of Indian families to bad condition where treatments are almost impossible.

The most beautiful gift from God are eyes. Eyes are the most essential part of human body. Most of people are suffering from Eye diseases and ailments. Most of them seek free eye camp for treatment. But unfortunately in India there are only hundred doctors for millions of eye patients.

Several Indian organizations such as Pathmakers, Jai Bhimasena, Mahavir International Delhi and Dera Sacha Sauda, Haryana have taken various major steps to provide free eye camp to facilitate people and to increase awareness about eye diseases and ailments whether it is for needy people or slum dwellers ; even these organizations arrange super specialists ophthalmologist for eye surgery which is totally free.

In December at Dera Sacha Sauda, Haryana free eye check up camp is being organised for three days at 12, 13, 14, 15 on “Yaad-E-Mursid” occasion. Patients are provided free beds, accommodation and many more essential facilities to provide relief to all needy patients. If there is any need for eye surgery, it is also done totally free.

Let me give you some more details about this event at Dera Sacha Sauda so that you can also plan to be there for your treatment, if any:

It’s unique in its own way that the health checkup camps at Dera Sacha Sauda are continuously commencing since 1992 in the pious remembrance of Saint Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj. It’s the holy ideology of Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan to provide the vision for blinds.

This time too, a three day 28th Mega Free Eye Checkup Camp is being organized at Dera Sacha Sauda starting from 12 December 2018. Again these camps are for people belonging to any religion or class. With the aim of serving the mankind, volunteers tirelessly render their services at the Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa.

Another fact being that a highly qualified team of doctors contribute free services at these camps. World class medical facilities and medicines at free of cost are provided to the patients.

Another surprising fact is that till date lakhs of eye patients have been benefited, thus making a record in itself. If you still don’t believe then you must admire the records holding in the eye screening: Largest Eye Health Screening was organized on 12th December 2010.

We must appreciate all these organizations which give their best for our country’s health.

Contributor: Labh Singh (@labhsinghnain)

Current Affairs

RIP Priyanka Reddy 😢😢 बलात्कार ? हैवानियत ?

November 30, 2019

मौत तो हर दिन किसी न किसी चौराहे पर होती है पर आज ये खबर पढ़कर जो सोशल मीडिया के जरिये हर घर हर फ़ोन तक पहुंची। उसने मुझे इस टॉपिक पर लिखने पर मजबूर कर दिया क्योंकि इस खबर ने मुझे अंदर तक झकझोर कर रख दिया।

दोस्तो मैं सुमित आज फिर आपके सामने एक दिल दहलाने वाली घटना से रूबरू करवाता हूँ । जब मैंने आज सुबह सुबह फेसबुक ओपन किया तो मेरे एक मित्रगण ने #RIPPriyankaReddy के साथ पोस्ट की थी। उसी दौरान मैंने जब इस बात पर गहन अध्ययन किया तो पाया कि प्रियंका रेड्डी तेलंगना की राजधानी हैदराबाद के निकट शादनगर में रहती थी तथा वह कोलेरू में पशु चिकित्सक के पद पर कार्यरत थी । लेकिन 28 नवंबर की रात उनका शव शादनगर के पुल चट्टनपल्ली के निकट पाया गया।

ये सब कैसे हुआ? प्रियंका वीरवार को जब रोजमर्रा की तरह सुबह घर से निकली तो ठीक ठाक थी, पर शाम को एकाएक उसने अपनी छोटी बहन को फ़ोन किया कि उसकी स्कूटी खराब हो गई है और वह डरी हुई है। इसके कुछ देर बाद से उसका फ़ोन बन्द आ रहा था । बाद में एक पुल के पास एक जला हुआ शव मिलता है जिसकी उम्र 20 से 25 साल तक बताई जा रही थी। पहचान करने पर पता चला कि वह शव प्रियंका ही का था।

शव का पोस्टमार्टम किया जा रहा है सोशल मीडिया की मानें तो यह बलात्कार व हत्या का मामला बताया जा रहा है। यह सब किस महत्वाकांक्षा से किया गया, इसका अभी तक पता नही लगाया जा सका है । ऐसी घिनोनी वारदातें पुराने जख्मों को कुरेद देती है। एक तरफ जहाँ समाज में नारी सशक्तिकरण, बेटी बचाओ बेटी पढ़ाओ की बात होती है, वही इसी समाज से कुछ अमानवीय प्रवत्ति वाले लोग इन कारनामों से समाज के मुँह पर कालिख पोत देते हैं।

ऐसा पहली बार नही हुआ है। 2012 में दिल्ली में 12 दिसम्बर की वो काली रात जिसने एक निर्भया रेप केस को जन्म दिया। इस वारदात ने पूरे देश को इस मुहिम के खिलाफ एकजुट कर दिया था । ये आंदोलन इस कदर चला कि ठंडे पानी के टेंकर भी इस आंदोलन को ठंडा नही कर पाए थे। ऐसा ही कठुआ में हुआ जहां 8 साल की लड़की के साथ कई दिन बलात्कार हुआ । उन्नाव रेप केस जहाँ 17 साल की लड़की के साथ रेप हुआ।ऐसे ही अनगिनत मामले है ।

एक ऐसी ही भयावह तस्वीर जब सामने आई जब अलीगढ़ में 2 साल की मासूम ट्विंकल के साथ हवस के पुजारियों ने बलात्कार किया। बात सिर्फ इतनी थी कि उसके पापा ने उनके 10000 रुपये देने थे और इस बात का बदला उन लोगो ने एक मासूम से लिया। ये तो वो केस है जो सोशल मीडिया के जरिये हम लोगों तक पहुंचे पर पता नही हर मिनट ऐसी ही कितनी वारदारों को अंजाम दिया जा रहा है। कितने ही भयावह केस हैं जो बदनामी के डर से अपना मुंह बंद कर लेते हैं ।

मेरा सवाल समाज के उन आला ओहदेदारों से है कि कब तक समाज में मासूम बच्चियों के साथ ये सब होता रहेगा? कब तक नारी की अवहेलना ये समाज करता रहेगा ? कुछ लोग कहते हैं कि लड़कियां कपड़े सही नहीं पहनती और तब ये वारदात होती है क्योंकि उनके पहनावे लोगों को भड़काने का काम करते हैं । ऐसे लोगों से मैं पूछना चाहता हूँ कि ये मासूम बच्चियाँ तो ये सब जानती भी नहीं, तब ये सब कैसे हो जाता है, कैसे लोग इन्हें अपनी हवस का शिकार बना लेते हैं ? हमारे समाज में न्यायपालिका, पुलिस प्रशासन व इतना बड़ा संविधान है, क्या इनका डर लोगो के जहन से निकल गया है ?

कठुआ कांड उन्नाव रेप केस ने पूरे देश को ही नही बल्कि पूरे विश्व को झकझोर दिया था तो हमारी संसद ने क़ानून विधेयक 2018 लेकर आई जिसमे 12 साल से कम उम्र की लड़कियों से बलात्कार करने वालो के लिए फांसी तक का प्रावधान किया गया । हमारी संसद द्वारा किये गए इस कानून को पूरे विश्व मे सराहा गया व मोदी सरकार का मैं भी धन्यवाद करता हूं। जो कानून बनाया गया है, उसके तहत अगर 2 या 3 लोगो को ही फांसी दी जाए तो शायद ये हवस का कारवां थम जाए । और लोग इस नीच मानसिकता से उभर सकें। लोगो के मन में इस बात के प्रति सवेंदना होनी चाहिए कि क्या ये मानवीय है या अमानवीय । अगर यही उनके माँ बहन बेटी के साथ हो तो क्या होगा? लोगो में एक बदलाव की जरूरत है ।

कभी कभी ये भी विचार आता है कि क्या कोई है जो बलात्कार करने जैसी सोच रखने वालों की मानसिकता को ही बदल दे ।

करता हूँ कि आप सबको ये बात सही लगी है। अगर हाँ तो आप इसे समाज के अन्य लोगों तक भी पहुंचाए ताकि और कोई निर्आभया, आशिफ़ा, ट्विंकल न बने ।

Contributor of this article: Mr. Sumit, @1313daksh

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VG Siddhartha | CCD : The Thriller Sucide Story Came after 4th day.

August 2, 2019
VG Siddhartha

The clear and peaceful atmosphere of the country became murky when VG Siddhartha owner of CCD went missing. He was one of the thriving entrepreneurs of the largest democracy of the world. The mysterious disappearance of VG Siddhartha was reported on Monday, July 29.

Siddhartha had left Bengaluru for Sakleshpur in Hassan district in a car on Monday afternoon, but on the way, he directed his driver to drive towards Mangaluru.

At a bridge near Ullala, he got down from the car, told his driver he was going for a walk and asked him to wait. He then walked towards the bridge and never returned. Meanwhile, the family lodged a police complaint and search operation of Siddhartha was initiated. During the search operation, police found a note written by Siddhartha before his missing.

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