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July 2019


Manisha Gulati demands censor board for Punjabi songs

July 11, 2019

Today India is emerging as the fastest growing economy in the world. Half of its population of 1.3 billion is below the age of 25 and quarter is below the age of 14.

To understand what young Indians want from life? The World Economic Forum and the Observer Research Foundation conducted a survey of around 5,000 youth in India. The result was that Indians are ambitious and independent. But many more factors other than this are in contradiction to prevent these youth to achieve this goal.

PSWC Chairperson Manisha Gulati

One such incident came into existence when the chairperson of Punjab State Commission for Women Manisha Gulati filed a complaint against a renowned singer Honey Singh for using vulgar lyrics in a song, “Makhna”. Honey Singh is not only the one who did this but the list is expanding in Punjab. Such artists believe that composing lyrics by using objectionable words against women will make them trendy and famous. But they forget the effect on the young generation that is moving them to adverse directions. “I demand that a censor board be constituted for the songs on the line of sensor boards for films. The song ‘Makhna’ sung by Honey Singh misguide the youngster with its lewd lyrics,” said ,Manisha Gulati

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